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Allotment of Plot

Building Completion Certificate

MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board)

Allotment of Additional Land

Change in Name of the Firm OR Company

Water Connection

BI / Tri - Prartiate Agreement

Change in Trustees

NOC from TA in MMR Area

Transfer Proprietor/Partners wants to Admit. Pvt. Ltd. Co. as Partner

Transfer Private/Public Ltd. Co. to Private/Public Ltd. Co

Transfer Partnership to Private/Public Limited Company

Transfer Proprietor to Proprietor

Transfer Partnership to Proprietor

Transfer Private Limited to Proprietor

Transfer Proprietor to Partnership

Change in Partnership Firm

Transfer Private Limited to Partnership

Extension of time limit [Production Started]

Transfer Through Financial Institution

Final Lease/ Predetermined Lease

Waival of Marginal Distance/ Amalgamation

Sub Letting Permission

Amalgamation /Demerger by court orders

Collateral Security

Approval of Building Plans

S S I Certificate



Stamp Duty Agreement for Lease

Registration for Agreement to Lease

Registration for Agreement to Lease

Deed of Assignment Stamp Duty

Registration Of Partnership Deed

Consent to Mortgage

Stamp Duty Agreement to Fianl Lease

Transfer Promoter of Pvt./Public Ltd. Co. to Pvt./Public Ltd. Co.

Extension of Time Limit (Effective steps to be taken)